Who am I?

I imagine myself to be a perpetual work-in-progress. A creator and an art piece, at once.

I am an experienced social entrepreneur, an adventurer and explorer, and an obsessively passionate about learning human being.

I’m the founder and executive director at Foundation “SolidarityWorks”, an owner of a youth hostel, and multiple books author.

Ideologically, I’m a feminist and a liberal. Culturally, I am Bulgarian and Palestinian. I was raised as an Orthodox Christian, and I no longer associate myself with a religion.

My educational background is in Sociology (BA, Middlebury college, 2017), History of Women and Gender (MA, Sofia University), and I’m currently studying Gestalt therapy as well as Bodynamic body psychotherapy.

I care about creating bridges between individuals and groups from different backgrounds, nurturing solidarity, learning and teaching healthy and authentic communication and relationship skills. My mission going forward is to help people (including myself) access heaven in relationships.

My work

I teach and facilitate authentic relating programs for groups of young people and adults. Workshop length may vary between 2 hours and 7 days depending on your groups’ interests and budget.

I am available for individual coaching focused on:

♡ developing emotional and body awareness grounded in the present moment;
♡ increasing your authenticity and ability to show up in relationship as you are;
♡ increasing your confidence and ability to have difficult conversations;
♡ learning to ask for what you want in direct, non-manipulative ways;
♡ practicing clear and direct communication which brings you closer to others and to yourself.

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